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Minimum Wage Rate

From 1 April 2018, the minimum wage rates increase from $15.75 to $16.50 per hour, and the starting-out training minimum wage rate will increase from $12.60 to $13.20.

All employees must be paid at least the minimum wage for every hour they work. This applies to both salaried and wage employees.

The longest period that an employee's remuneration can be averaged over is a fortnight, meaning that employees must receive at least the minimum wage for every hour they work within a fortnight. The practise of averaging an employee's earnings over the season, with employees working long hours over spring and less hours over autumn and early winter, is now prohibited.

There is no minimum wage for employees under 16, but all the other minimum standards, employment rights and obligations apply. When an employee turns 16, they must be paid the relevant minimum wage (even if they were paid less than the minimum wage when they were 15).

All employees should have a signed Employment agreement. This agreement needs to be signed prior to the employee commencing employment, for the terms and conditions to apply.

ACC CoverPlus Extra

ACC CoverPlus Extra has been available for the self-employed since 2001 and allows farms to choose their level of cover, provide certainty of income, and all at a reasonable cost.

ACC CoverPlus Extra provides a key benefit with the agreed level of cover. The amount of cover is negotiated at the time of application for cover, and at claim time, there is no requirement to prove loss of earnings.

ACC provides loss of income cover for accidents, but does not include loss of income due to illness.

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